My Notion Blog

By: Cary Wolff
Posted: February 04, 2021

"What do you mean all the basketball courts are closing?"Not exactly what you want to hear when talking about launching your basketball court dependent social app. Here is how we dealt with pivoting.

By: Cary Wolff
Posted: January 08, 2021

My buddy Matt turned to me and said “We all have the same amount of time in a day, so really you just didn’t assign the time to do it.”And he was right! I hadn’t ever though of it in that context before. Dividing your waking time into assignable, achievable goals all but clicked to my scattered ADHD brain right then and there.

By: Cary Wolff
Posted: January 06, 2021

We all stood there looking into the fire pit with a sort of hive minded understanding. We had been talking for hours about very deep real world problems we thought could get solved with technology, our technology. The silence was broken when Alan said "Cary if I move up here will you mentor me?" to which I responded "Of course!" There was quick excitement and the void we had all been lost looking into was again just something to keep us warm on a damp rainy night in the backyard.